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Turn the city into your playground

A platform for on-demand quests created by locals

What is questeon?

Questeon is a platform for on-demand quests created by locals.
Create a quest for your community and passion groups to play, bond and discover.

Use features like Augmented reality, Spot the Difference, MCQ and Short Answer to gamify your interactions with the physical things around you and turn your city into your playground!
Scavenger Hunt, Team Bonding or Block Party, these self-guided quests enable you to discover and interact with places and people whenever and wherever they want!

Create Your Own Quest Today

1. Absolutely Free

Yes, thats right! There's no catch, no hidden fees, no freemiums. All you need to do is to create an account on the Quest Builder and you'll be on your way to creating your first quest.

2. A Quest for All Occasions

An amazing race for team building, a murder mystery for a school orientation or simply a walking trail to discover the city, we have all the tools needed to enable anyone to create any quests easily.

3. Easy Peasy

The Quest Builder has been created to enable anyone to easily create quests. Just choose from our myriads of features and the rest is literally drag and drop. Try it for yourself now.

What do I need to create a quest?

All you need is your imagination. For everything else, it's literally drag and drop. With the Quest Builder, quest creation doesn't get any easier!

It is really not that hard

Easily create a quest from scratch. Here are  some guidelines to get you started

1. Concept

It all starts with an idea. Is it a puzzle game? A scavenger hunt?  A treasure hunt? Where is the location? Who's the target audience etc.?

3. Trial

When the content is uploaded, you're ready to start testing the quest. Go on the trial with your friends and families.

2. Content

Once you have the idea, you can easily start to create contents such as places, write-ups, images, the different tasks etc. on our Quest Builder .

4. Launch

When you're happy with your trial, you can then choose to launch and start selling your quest and start earning!

Task Features Tutorials

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"The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper."

W.B. Yeats

Create your own quest

Features for any event

  • Zero code, Drag and drop quest builder

  • Location based tasks

  • Photo, Video, Audio uploads

  • QR Code Scanning

  • Spot the difference

  • Short answers & MCQs

  • Augmented Reality Image recognition

  • Vault and clue bag to inject more variations

  • Reveal secret place upon completion of last task

  • Create hints

  • Reward with digital badges

  • Create Story plot

Download Questeon Mobile App

Discover and connect with places and people around you through unique quests created by locals!

What People say

"My kids and I had agreat time! The quests are a great way to bond and also to exercise!"

Tan Eu Jin

“The quests are so unique and fun! I learnt so much about Singapore's history from just one quest."

Remus Ng

“It's great that my friends and I can go on a quest  impromptu. It gives us more options for things to do.”

Qierra Dian


Discover the quest and connect with places and people. Start your quest-venture now!

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