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Turn the city into
your playground

A platform for on-demand quests created by locals

What is Questeon?

Questeon is a platform for on-demand quests created by locals. Users can easily discover and go on quests and experience unique experiential activities created by creators around them.


The self-guided quests enable users to discover and interact with places and people whenever and wherever they want!

How are we different?

Creators Enabled

With the Quest Builder anyone can easily create and manage unique, fun and immersive quests for users

Self-Guided Quests

Self-guided quests enable anyone to decide and go on experiential activities as and when they want even at the last minute

Local Experiences

Independent creators are able to create unique experiences to connect users to local places and communities


Questeon App

Discover and connect with places and people around you through unique quests created by locals!

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What people say

"My kids and I had a
great time! The quests are a great way to bond and also to exercise!"

Tan Eu Jin

“The quests are so unique and fun!
I learnt so much about Singapore's history from just one quest."

Remus Ng

“It's great that my friends and I can go on a quest impromptu. It gives us more options for things to do.”

Qierra Dian


"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes."

Marcel Proust

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