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The Amazing Race Singapore - Fort Canning Hill Edition

A quest by:
Edwin Lim

Gather your family, friends or colleagues and compete against each other in this fun-filled race to reach the finishing line as you explore and check out key landmarks of Fort Canning Hill.

Home to successive generations of Malay royalty and later, seat of the colonial government when Singapore was founded in 1819, this hill was also once a British military fortress and subsequently occupied by the Singapore Armed Forces before it opened to the public in the 1970s. This Quest challenge would not only bring you on a discovery adventure spanning seven centuries of Singapore’s history from sultans to governors, it is also a perfect opportunity for you to get a good work-out as you make your way up the hill and explore all its corners.

This is a perfect fun-filled bonding activity for family, friends and colleagues and as you tackle the task at each checkpoint, you get closer and closer to the pit stop!

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