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Escape from St John's Island

A quest by:

There is a new pandemic that is sweeping the world with a high mortality rate of 40% of those infected and spreading quickly. At present, because this has raged on for some time, almost all on the main island is infected, except for St. John’s Island.

You are Elle, the daughter of a researcher who was tasked to find a cure for the Green Death. A tablet and your dad's old journal with many missing pages were found. It was suspected that he actually found the cure, and you are the only person who knew him well enough to retrieve these missing pages to solve this mystery.

YOU are in a race against time to find the cure and identify the mysteries of St. John’s island. Time is not on our side. Assemble your team of curious adventurers to find the truth and save mankind.

Note: The purchase of this game comes with a physical game kit available for pick up at Marina South Ferries. Ferry tickets can be purchased directly from Marina South Ferries.

For optimum game play experience, we recommend a max of 2 persons to share each device.

Starhub users may experience patchy data network on some parts of the island.

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